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We provide design recommendations to help project owners, architects and engineers achieve an acoustical performance for their projects that is better than or equal to industry standards.  We support them throughout the building process.  We are highly responsive to the issues the team is working on “today”.  We provide cost effective recommendations, detailed specifications and CAD drawings.  We work with the Construction Manager to provide guidance and assistance to ensure that the details contained within the drawings are completed correctly in construction.  We complete testing for STC and IIC performance, reverberation times, and inspect mechanical equipment mounts for proper vibration isolation from the structure.

Architectural and HVAC

We provide recommendations for room absorptive treatments, room shaping, and the control of sound through wall, floor, and ceiling assemblies.  We are particularly experienced with schools, hospitals, auditoriums, stadiums, office buildings, and condominiums.


The evaluation of noise generated from mechanical equipment in office, utility plants, and industrial facilities is a specialty field of acoustics.  We are currently the leading provider in the Northwest.  We are continually active on projects involving diesel generators, large air-handling units, and industrial equipment.


We are knowledgeable about local codes and permitting procedures and can assist your project team by providing studies, recommendations, and reports for the control of environmental noise.  Airports, public utilities, and cellular telephone stations are examples of typical projects.

Sound and Vibration Isolation

Hospitals, laboratories, and processing plants can have strict design criteria regarding acceptable levels of vibration.  We make recommendations to control vibration in both existing and proposed construction buildings based on measurements and modeling predictions.

Audiovisual Systems

As a full service acoustical consulting firm, we offer the advantage of being able to tailor audiovisual systems to our architectural acoustical designs.  We provide audiovisual system design for educational, commercial, corporate, athletic, worship, and theater facilities.