Facilities Designed To Reduce Noise Emissions

Supporting the design of complex public utility facilities within our communities, SSA is recognized as a leader in providing mitigation measurements for the design of new and existing facilities to achieve State, County, and Local code requirements.



High noise and vibration levels from public utility equipment can negatively affect human health and interfere with the navigation and predator/prey detection abilities of local wildlife.  Therefore, the federal, state and sometimes local municipalities have specific laws regarding noise emissions.  If a public utility facility is in violation of these noise ordinances, they will need to re-do the design and construction of the offending facility until it passes code.

Our Expertise:

Our services consist of collecting sound data and physical characteristics of the facility site, evaluating the facility design and equipment sound data as it relates to environmental impact to the surrounding community, making specific recommendations in design and materials to meet design criteria, providing consultation during construction, and taking measurements to determine adequate performance.  We have provided services to projects including pump stations, waste water treatment facilities, generators and boilers.  Our solutions have included such remedies as modified wall and roof construction, silencers, and exhaust mufflers.