Quality Acoustical Design for Public Facilities

We provide recommendations for noise control in critical spaces and quality acoustics in gathering spaces, enhancing the quality of the facility and the comfort of its occupants.



Architectural acoustical design in public facilities provides speech intelligibility, privacy and safety.  For example, proper acoustical design in a courtroom ensures clear speech communication without amplification.  In another example, communication amplification and clarity in a detention center maintains organization and safety.

Our Expertise:

Our range of project experience includes institutional facilities, police stations and headquarters, fire stations, maintenance facilities, courthouses, and city halls.

We work with our clients to establish interior noise criteria that is suitable for their budget and design concept.  We then design a customized solution for that achieves this criteria.

This solution may include tailored wall and ceiling details for speech privacy, impact insulation for floors, or vibration and noise mitigation from HVAC or other mechanical systems.