The Grandview at Towne Centre

Luxury by the Bay

The Grandview at Towne Centre at Parole, located at the heart of Annapolis Towne Centre, has been designed and constructed to exceed the highest acoustical standards.  The new bayside community was completed in 2009, and consists of 140 high end luxury condominiums, ranging from 1,320 to 3,400 square feet, and two floors of retail space.


SSA Acoustics provided the full scope of acoustical design services including architectural, mechanical noise and vibration control, plumbing isolation, and environmental noise control recommendations and mitigation solutions to achieve a Grade I standard of luxury as per HUD guidelines.  We advised the design and construction team on the selection of materials for the wall systems, flooring plumbing and impact sound isolators, mechanical systems, and appliance selection.


Mixed-use condominium residential projects are the most acoustically complicated projects.  These projects have the most discerning owners, expecting that the smallest of noise sources be eliminated.  We worked to meet HUD Grade I guidelines in design and to eliminate mechanical noise from the rooftop to the retail below.  SSA concentrated on the many facets that required acoustical treatment, starting with the walls, floors, and mechanical equipment, to the performances of the elevators, doors, plumbing, and light fixtures which can introduce unwanted noise.


Under HUD guidelines, the walls and ceilings of the Grandview project were designed to provide the maximum desired acoustical privacy between units.  Designing the hallways, stairways, elevator shafts, and equipment spaces for sound isolation are equally important. From flooring materials and plumbing isolation to HVAC noise and vibration control- all materials and units were reviewed for quality.  Proper sound insulation can only be achieved through careful planning during construction.