The Clearwater Resort Hotel & Spa

Suquamish, WA

Degen & Degen



The Clearwater Hotel and Spa is adjacent to and compliments the successful Clearwater Casino operated by the Suquamish Tribe. Overlooking Agate Pass and Port Madison Bay and only a short ferry ride from Seattle, the hotel caters to guests of the casino and provides resort amenities such as four-star spa, restaurant and community areas. SSA provided the acoustical designs for a HUD Grade I Rating (Luxury) for residential privacy.


The Clearwater was designed and built to achieve a HUD grade I (Luxury) performance standard for guest units. The resort had spaces that required attention in order to accurately perceive and understand a speaker in a conference room or banquet room. In order to do this, lingering sound energy needed to be controlled.


We worked with the team at Degen & Degen to develop plans and details to achieve the luxury performance standard. Our recommendations included details for noise and impact isolation between units themselves, the units and surrounding areas, and the conference room. We also recommended that the materials used were more simple standard building materials in order to keep the project cost effective.