Acoustical Design for Hotels

Critical to the success of any Hotel or Resort is providing an environment free from intrusive noise.  Internet comments regarding noise from neighbors is something that can cause large amounts of lost revenue.  In this regard, each project has specific budget and performance goals; but all hospitality projects should place acoustics at the top of the list.  Designing these elements to the associated branding is critical to the success of local and national companies.  SSA provides a detailed set of recommendations based on the owner’s preferences.  Our goal is happy customers.



Hospitality projects can be varied for the amenities that each site offers; from basic lobby-to-room airport accommodations, to resort and conference centers with ballrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, and live performance venues.  Each of the programs presents a unique set of challenges acoustically that start with schematic design and finish in construction administration with testing and inspection of mechanical systems, wall partitions, operable walls, and elevator noise.  Many sites are located in urban or airport impact zones requiring adherence to guidelines established by the EPA, Office of Noise Abatement, providing acceptable noise levels from auto, aircraft, and rail traffic within a residential living area.

Our Expertise

Our recommendations are based on established grades of multi-family living construction, as established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, for airborne, plumbing, HVAC and impact noise control.  As a member of your design team, we provide specific cost-effective recommendations as detailed specifications, CAD drawings, and correspondences.

As your project moves from drawings to reality, we will work with the Construction Manager to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring the details contained within the drawing are completed correctly in construction.  We provide a complete set of tests to evaluate the performance of acoustic details of your project.  In almost every hospitality project, we complete testing for STC and IIC performances within the living units.  In areas such as lobbies, ballrooms, and meeting spaces, we check that the reflective nature of the room is consistent with speech, music, and paging systems.  This is done through complete testing of the space for reverberation times.  We also inspect mechanical equipment mounts for proper vibration isolation from the structure.  In many cases, intrusive sound related to airborne fan noise turns out to be a vibration source generating structural noise.