Acoustical Design for Condominiums

Many factors are considered in the design of condominiums, including the sustainability and performance of material, personal preferences of the building owner, needs of the prospective residents, and integration with the architectural design.  Noise from neighbors, traffic, and the systems within the building is generally considered intrusive at some level or another to everyone.  Quantifying what are appropriate levels of noise for residential living, and for different qualities of living, is one of the important factors on any condominium project in determining the design criterion.



A key component in acoustical design for condominiums is the determination of the quality of the planned project in relationship to the cost.  This can be important because much of the project cost is related to the selection of the acoustic assemblies, such as floor/ceiling assemblies, interior demising partitions, and the windows and exterior skin of the building.  It is also important to review the interior non-acoustic partitions to make sure that they are not over designed.

Additionally, performance of the stairs, doors, plumbing, and light fixtures can introduce unwanted noise.  Therefore, we provide reports to establish a checklist of acoustic issues that are desirable for evaluation.

Our Expertise

Your team will benefit from our vast experience with condominium sites developed and tested to achieve your design expectations.  As we make architectural recommendations to control sound and impact noise from footfalls, we use established standards of acoustic performance for Luxury, Mid-Grade, or Acceptable sound isolation.  This is accomplished through detailed specifications, CAD drawings and recommendations.  Our involvement with your project team, through construction, ensures the highest performance is achieved at the lowest price.