Designed for Happiness

This facility is a welcomed addition to Mercer Island and the greater community, as it contributes to the community’s prosperity and provides much-needed retirement housing.  Era Care planners explored the idea of improving the adjacent greenbelt area, and created connections to an outdoor patio area that is available to the public on the north side of the building as well as a pea patch on the roof.


This project encompasses over 130,000 sq. ft - the equivalent of two city blocks.  The 180 residents who live here enjoy a spa, pool, beauty shop, Internet cafe, exercise facility, and auditorium, in addition to their residential units.  Residents of assisted living communities are known to spend the majority of their time within their respective units, so along with controlling for these spaces, HVAC and environmental noise can become intrusive and degrade the quality of sound, reducing the intelligibility of human voices and negatively affecting serenity within each dwelling.


Our team provided design solutions for controlling noise and vibration from mechanical equipment, plumbing, garage door, and staircases.  Architectural elements, including wall assemblies, plumbing walls, and floor/ceiling assemblies were designed for appropriate sound isolation for speech and amplified music, and for sound isolation ranging from noisier areas to sensitive spaces such as garages and bedrooms.

Developer Involvement:

ERA Care is a leader dedicated to providing innovative housing, program, and service choices for older adults.  The ERA Care team collaborates with residents and families, affinity groups, and the University Of Washington School Of Nursing to continuously enhance the lives of those we serve through a unique marriage of hospitality, health care, and life-long learning and growth.