Acoustical Design for Multi-Family Buildings

Sound isolation which meets the occupant’s expectations must be balanced with realistic treatments that are within the budget.


Many areas within mixed-use/multi-family residential projects can generate intrusive noise to living spaces.  Architecturally, sound transmission through the building envelope, party walls, and floor-ceiling assembly are among the expected issues we address during the design process.  This can include noise from common areas such as activity rooms, corridors, stairwells, and lobbies.  Mechanically, ducting, rooftop equipment, and elevator machinery equipment can create excessive noise and vibration.

Our Expertise:

Your team will benefit from our experience with over 80 condominium and apartment sites developed and tested to achieve design expectations.  As a member of your design team, we provide specific cost-effective solutions in the form of detailed specifications, CAD drawings, and correspondences.

We work with your team during construction to answer questions about material selection and proper installation.  Our responsiveness and involvement, from concept through construction, ensures that the highest performance is achieved at the best price.

Our recommendations are based on three grades of residential construction, as established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for airborne, plumbing, HVAC and impact noise control.