Genie Industries Factory

Redmond, WA

Genie Industries



The scissor lift manufacturing facility in Redmond, Washington is an open plan facility with no separation between high noise level processes and quieter task areas. SSA Acoustics was contacted to evaluate the interior noise environment and primary noise sources that are impacting the entire factory floor staff.


Our team completed a noise map of the south end of the facility, where a majority of the assembly is conducted. We measured the spectral sound level at the user locations for pneumatic tooling, automated milling and cutting operations; These sources dominate the noise environment with a spatial average of 87 dB(A). The high noise impact sources produced levels between 95 - 105 dB(A) at the operators, impacting all personnel. To accurately model the noise environment the Reverberation Time (RT60)was measured with two 200 watt speakers during 2nd shift operations. We provided design details to address the reflected noise in the space with acoustic baffles, which can be easily installed with the hundreds of construction lifts in stock and manufactured daily.


Genie Industries had received a few complaints from the adjacent residential neighbors about noise, and decided to be proactive in addressing their noise impact on the community. This part of the Genie campus consists of two manufacturing buildings just north of an apartment complex and west of a new single family development. We worked with the City of Redmond, for Genie, to clarify the noise ordinance with respect to their noise impact on the community. We provided recommendations to reduce the noise impact between 4 AM and 7 AM by reducing the rooftop fan operations by 50% during the change over to the first shift. In addition, we clarified that the Genie Industries was in compliance with the City of Redmond noise code and mitigation measures were a good faith gesture to their sleeping neighbors.