Wyoming Medical Center

Casper, WY

GSG Architects


SSA Acoustics provided the full scope of acoustical design services for Wyoming Medical Center including a careful review of existing mechanical system and upgraded mechanical system for vibration isolation to sensitive surgery spaces.  Wall types and interior room treatments to control noise and reverberation we completed with details provided for the drawings and specifications.  During CA two site visits were completed to inspect mechanical vibration isolation and construction noise mitigation.


The additions to the hospital required careful consideration for the new HVAC mechanical system.  Mechanical equipment rooms had to be evaluated for sound transmission and vibration isolation to prevent impacting sensitive surgery spaces and patient rooms.  Limited space for ducting required solutions to control noise over exam and patient rooms.


SSA provided a schedule of wall types and specific detailing for assemblies.  HVAC systems were evaluated for noise levels and recommendations for silencers without lining were made to ensure the system could be cleaned and maintained without concern for bacteria in ducting.