Sunrise Medical Center

Puyallup, WA

Kohler Associates

Upgrades and Expansions

Our team designed architectural, mechanical, environmental, and MRI vibration Isolation solutions for this new Medical Campus, which focuses on pediatric and adolescent care, sports medicine, behavioral health, and allergy and asthma clinics.


This 15.7-acre campus, initially two buildings totaling 53,310 square feet, also includes an urgent care clinic, cafe, and a 1,000-square-foot chapel.


In order to determine the need for additional vibration isolation for the MRI equipment inside the future medical center, we collected ambient vibration data at the proposed MRI Suite location. This included analyzing typical sources such as traffic and footfalls, and comparing the overall vibration levels to the manufacturers design criterion. We used our findings to design recommendations to reduce the vibration levels.


Solutions involved designing specific recommendations for the parking lot and vibration isolation of all MRI equipment. Reducing noise levels inside the proposed buildings to remain within acceptable levels involved in measuring existing levels at buildings, reviewing applicable codes and criterion, and deriving recommendations and details to achieve these standards, including specific windows and wall types.