Kitsap Transit, North Base Expansion

Growth of a Facility

Kitsap Transit proposed improvements to the North Base station in Poulsbo.  The project, located between Vetter Road and Viking Way, consists of a maintenance and storage base and a 259-stall park-and-ride lot.  This includes a parking area for about 78 buses and fueling and washing facilities.  Their project also includes paving the site, managing the storm water runoff, reducing sound and glare, pedestrian linkages on NW Vetter Rd, removal of a 1970s-era modular building, and connecting to city utilities.


SSA provided noise impact predictions and facility use/construction recommendations to keep environmental noise under legal limits.


The new facility houses equipment and service buses.  Sound Transit needs to ensure that their new building and the daily usage of the building, buses and equipment would not exceed federal, state and local noise limits.


Federal, state and local noise laws were reviewed.  Baseline measurements of the area were taken.  Sound levels were measured at the Bremerton transit base for similar equipment and operations proposed for the renovation of the Poulsbo transit base.  Using these measurements, sound level predictions for the expanded Poulsbo transit base were made.  SSA Acoustics used these predictions to provide recommendations for the facility layout, security/noise barrier, and the equipment operations to meet the noise code requirements.