Acoustical Design for Higher Education

Universities have a variety of learning environments.  Examples include classrooms, media rooms, large libraries, laboratories and lecture halls.  Each requires a sophisticated mix of sound reflection and absorption to enable effective teaching and learning.


The sound of the instructor’s voice must carry to each student in the room they are teaching in, including laboratories with noisy equipment and lecture halls with steeply pitched floors.  Furthermore, instruction involving collaboration requires a space that allows each voice in the room to be heard clearly and distinctly by the instructor and each student.

Our Expertise

SSA Acoustics has completed over 100 higher education facility projects.  Our services have included design for architectural acoustics, mechanical system noise, vibration control and sophisticated audio/visual systems.  We use state of the art equipment to measure Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC), Field Impact Insulation Class (FIIC), reverberation time, vibration and environmental noise.  Challenges we have helped our clients overcome include sound quality in music rooms, open ceiling classrooms and vocational training spaces, and developing an easy-to-learn audio/visual system for live streaming of medical assistant training in a simulation lab to students in a virtual classroom.  We offer fine measurement, evaluation, option modeling and final recommendations with detailed drawings.