Acoustical Design for Educational Facilities

Sound quality is equally important for classrooms, commons, gymnasiums, and music and auditorium spaces.


It is widely acknowledged that poor acoustic environments within schools hinder learning and presents barriers for students.  Therefore, within each school there are basic issues involving sound isolation and sound quality that should be addressed.

Our Expertise:

SSA specializes in architectural design for sound isolation and quality at K-12 schools.  We have experience on more than 300 projects, both renovation and new construction.

Our involvement with projects ranges from environmental and HVAC noise mitigation to designing for interior sound quality using industry guidelines to audio/visual system design.  We work hard to tailor our recommendations to each district's needs, and have developed a reputation of innovative ideas, effective communication and attention to detail.

Our extensive experience with education facilities has allowed us to fine tune our services, and our clients cost-effective and long lasting solutions.  We work within your budget and schedule and seamlessly integrate our plans into your design.