Boeing Future Factory

Designing a Harmonious Office and Industrial Space

In a transition that saw more than 1200 Boeing engineers moving to the Everett Assembly Building, the largest building in the world, SSA Acoustics was selected to complete a detailed study and mitigation plan to help design their new offices.  Working with NBBJ Architects, SSA completed more than 500 hours of measurements related to the fabrication lines for the 747, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft.  In some areas monitors were left to record sound data for days at a time.

Challenges and Solutions:

This was the first detailed study of noise ever completed within the facility, comprising more than 4,000 noise level measurements of power tools, motors, fans, and general facility operations.  This data enabled our team to accurately predict the noise levels that would be present outside of office windows, conference areas and open office areas.


While waiting for these spaces to be completed, more that 600 engineers were moved to a space that was converted into a temporary office, with over 240,000 SF of space previously used for fabrication.  SSA Acoustics was hired to provide recommendations to control exposed air-handling units, transformer sub-stations, and sound isolation between work centers.  The trick was to complete the evaluation and recommendations so that contractors could begin work within an unprecedented 45 days.


The result of our work has created quiet office environments overlooking aircraft assembly lines.  It has created unique stitch spaces where an interface between assembly line worker and engineer can occur with low ambient noise levels.