Acoustical Design for Commercial Projects

Commercial projects involve basic acoustic issues associated with sound isolation and sound quality.  These types of issues are presented in private and open offices, conference spaces and lobbies requiring design elements to control sound creating quiet spaces with good speech intelligibility.  Restaurants are a good example of where these applications apply.  Without proper control of sound paths within a dining area, and the correct quantity and type of absorption, a quality restaurant can limit the dining experience.



Common spaces such as lobbies, meeting spaces, and open office should be addressed with specific wall types between different areas.  The reflective nature of a space will affect the sound quality within by creating long paths for sound to travel and by taking longer for sound to decay. These qualities will reduce the intelligibility of human voices and raise the overall noise level within a space.

Our Expertise

SSA provides a full range of acoustical design services to address these issues.  Limiting environmental noise, improving the interior sound quality, and providing noise and vibration control to HVAC systems, we deliver recommendations in a manner that is fully integrated to the design team, providing CAD details, specifications and responsive solutions to issues the team is working on today.

Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and reputation for providing innovative and unique solutions has brought us to the forefront of acoustic design for a variety of projects in Washington State as well as nationwide.  We bring extensive experience to the design team in new construction and to the renovation of existing buildings, and are able to fuse their designs with the needs of both the design team and the client.  The finished products will be a quality structure that provides noise control for critical spaces.

Our extensive experience with commercial projects includes new construction and renovations.  Each member of our team designs beyond the basic solution, looking towards the next generation of ideas involving designing recommendations for updating interior treatments, replacement of HVAC systems, and using old spaces for new purposes.